Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash

I truly admire the people who put pen to paper. I consider it’s bold to share something that you actually believe in and that too in a world full of judgments.

Like paving your way out through the toughest situations with a kind heart and your pen as your armor to overpower circumstances that come your way. People, who write, have an individual standpoint about what they’re writing.

And people who comprehend have their own perspective of understanding the piece.

They’ll have their own yarn to weave, to connect with.

I feel it’s really appreciating that people share themselves through what they write. As if a part of them wants everyone to figure them out. Because they’ve written that with all their sensitivity and essence. They have poured themselves completely into it. Another sense of nakedness.

Words are sharper than a bare weapon.



We do.

We stop ourselves from doing things that we think we don’t deserve, or things we can’t do.

But did you give yourself a chance?

I did.

Just now.

So the next time you doubt your decisions, breathe.

And take a step forward.

It’s all worth it.