Ashamed of my old self — Are you too?

Jasleen Kaur
2 min readJun 7, 2021


It wasn’t easy, was it?

To deal with your inner self.

To tell yourself every following day — how differently you could’ve dealt, fill yourself with guilt, and blame yourself for everything. To sleep with recurring harsh thoughts and wake up with even worse?


It’s you.

It’s you who gradually channeled your internal gatekeeper to open, safe space. Space where you could affirm yourself how far you’ve come.

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

You are not what you were 5 years back, or 2 years back, or even one month for that matter.

Because you grow.


As trite as it may sound but, you become a better, refined version of yourself.

It never has to be perfect.

Neither today.

Nor tomorrow.

It’s time that you start picturing yourself as a person, who is a hero in their story. A person who isn’t afraid of making mistakes and even if they do — trust me, it’s not bad.

I was one of you.

Until I realized that if something bothers me about the past is because — I am a much better person now than I was a few years back.

Take it as an affirmation that you’ve grown. That you aren’t the same person now. And move the f**k on from whatever’s stopping you.

Prep yourself for the future, forgive yourself for the past, and be present in the present!

Also, be thankful to yourself.

You are special.



Jasleen Kaur

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